"Concise and informative!" "Five stars!"


Published in 1959

"All Recognised Breeds Described



32 color photos, 15 black and white, 161 pages total

5 3/4" H x 3 3/4" W


This small book is insanely adorable. It fits nicely in your hand.


Its compact size is perfect for the (bed)side or coffee table. Maybe, sometimes, it's nice to have a book in the car, to pass the time without the drain of doom-scrolling on your phone.  Trust me on this. The writing is interesting and informative.

This book is in very good condition. Binding appears strong and intact. The pages are unmarked and don't show any mold or water damage. The dust jacket has a couple water marks, displaying its authentic vintage quality. Most notably, it appears someone place a cup on the cover, and it left a partial ring. The back is unmarked by these flaws. The inside cover is in excellent condition.


As somebody who had a lengthy bout of ansomnia , the inside of the book smells magical, like your favorite used bookstore. That's what's up.


The Observer's Book of CATS