Extremely rare and hard to find! Long out of print.


This is the first edition from Vintage Books, 1970

An Anthology of New York Poets edited by Ron Padgett and David Shapiro

Illustrated by Joe Brainard, approx 588 pages


Book is in decent condition with some light wear and tear to the cover, primarily limited to minor peeling and small tears.

Otherwise the book is in very good condition with no water damage or writing on the pages.


Inside the cover, there is a curious inscription:

I think that some of these poems have something to do with how the way(s) that you and I became you + me.



Poetry from Frank O'Hara, Tom Veitch,John Ashberry, etc. Each author has about a dozen or so poems included. 


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An Anthology of New York Poets, 1st Edition from Vintage Books 1970

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